Learning that Drives Performance - MBIE Capability Team

Welcome to the Learning that Drives Performance program. We will post resources on this page throughout the program.

There are three elements that we will explore throughout the program, Status = Partner, ADDIE and Amplify. We will spend time on each of them separately, examine how each supports or enables the others and then bring them together as a complete approach to engage with the organisation.

We will upload resources to support your learning to the relevant page on the site, click on the links to explore:

  1. Status = Partner
  2. ADDIE
  3. Amplify

We believe that there is no better way to learn something than to experience it ‘in action’, so we designed this program using our Amplify model.

Amplify is based on the premise that to deliver value, learning must be connected to strategy, driven by the manager and applied OTJ in a stretched manner. Here's what we'll be doing over the next three months.


Here are the set of templates we used during Workshop 1:

Here are the set of templates we used during Workshop 2:

Download them and put them to use OTJ. We look forward to feedback on how they work for you and how they could be improved.