Amplify is our model for creating learning interventions that grow value.


1. Discussions – these are critical to ensuring success for any learning initiative. There are two main areas for discussion between the learner and their Manager:

  1. Expectations: what is expected of the learner to gain value for themselves and the team from the training? When is that value to be measured and how?
  2. The plan: what are both parties committing to? How is the learner going to be stretched OTJ to test the new skills? What support are they going to need from the Manager and others to achieve the stretch tasks or assignment?

2. OTJ Prep – what can the learner start doing OTJ as preparation for the learning and the stretch tasks or assignment? Is there something they need to stop doing for the period of the training while they're learning and applying the new skills?

3. The 'Formal bit' – this what would normally be described as the training, it could be face-to-face, eLearning, distance learning or any other form of study. The Amplify model can be 'wrapped around' any training initiative.

4. OTJ Application – the key with this phase is the stretched application of the learning. When the learner is required to apply the skills in a way that challenges them, the value sought starts to become a reality.

Research shows that approximately 70% of learning happens OTJ – but not by doing what we normally do, by being challenged and stretched.

5. OTJ Coaching – the OTJ Application needs to be supported by coaching. Learning and applying a new skill is challenging, it moves people beyond their normal comfort zones. The coach could be the Manager or the learner, but doesn't need to be, it simply needs to be someone who has the relevant experience to support the learner while they grow in confidence using the new skills.

6. Measure – at the agreed time, we review the desired outcomes and metrics to determine the value attained for learners, their team and the business.