Status = Partner

Status = Partner is the way you engage with your customers.

Relationship Pathway

Use the pathway and descriptions below to map each of your current relationships across the business.


Service offering-based: you have something that you’re trying to sell to the business; it’s always a push ‘into’ the business to deliver something.

Need-based: the business recognizes you as a trusted provider of service and regularly engages you on an as-and-when-needed basis.

Relationship-based: regular engagement with two-way information sharing that allows for planning.

Trust-based: earned through demonstrated behaviour and performance over time; the relationship has moved beyond being business only to include a personal dimension.

Partnership-based: things are done differently as a direct result of your input. You’re engaged in the planning and decision making process for the business unit.

Developing Relationships

All relationships take time to develop; moving relationships with the stakeholders in the business to a point where Status = Partner is no different. The TIB-V model is a continuous cyclical approach to developing relationships.


Trust: the price of entry to a business relationship. It is part of the foundation on which your credibility is built.

Influence: the drive to help the business grow value requires people to shift from their current behaviours. You will need to build a persuasive case for change; motivating Managers and learners to accept the need to change.

Behaviour Change: this is where you see the changed behaviours active in the business. The performance of learners is improving, while Managers are actively driving the stretched application of learning for their teams.

Value: learners, Managers and stakeholders all experience the value sought and planned for at the start of the engagement with you.

Trust (enhanced): having facilitated the creation of value to learners, their teams and the business, your ‘stocks rise’ in the eyes of your stakeholders. Your relationship with those stakeholders moves closer to Status = Partner.