Shaun Sheldrake

In Shaun you get a creative thinker, constantly searching for better ways to drive organisational performance through highly capable people.

His focus on improving performance is achieved by applying influence at all levels of an organisation, from the tone set by the CEO to the individual contributor applying learning on-the-job.

Shaun’s organisational performance focus applied to business and training challenges delivers sustained capability growth.

He brings 20+ years experience as a learning and development professional across corporate, consulting services and not for profit organisations.

Shaun has specialised in the creation of capability and learning models, solutions and approaches using technology (where appropriate), to create a more engaging, faster, more scalable learning.

He also offers organisations unparalleled experience in Learning Management Systems (LMS). In previous roles he has purchased, marketed, implemented and rolled-out a wide range of LMSs.


mobile: 027 671 4000

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