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Make Learning Stick

Creating a learning transfer solution to wrap around your leadership program

Fast Rich Development Conversations

Lifting the people development skills of your people leaders

ONE30 - ‘Lite touch’ Learning Transfer

Taking a minimalist approach to making learning stick

Learning Transfer

Embedding best practice learning transfer skills into your Learning & Development teams


Making Learning Stick

Leaders & Managers play an integral role in determining whether learning is applied on-the-job, but research shows that without the right support, very little happens.

Too often, they are left to their own devices, without any clear connection between their team member’s learning and how that should impact performance on-the-job.

Wrapping targeted 1-Up Leader/Manager support and learning transfer tools around a learning experience increases the level of learning transferred back on-the-job, increasing value grown by the initiative.

Targeted support that translates the learning experience into easy-to-action tools is the key.

By removing the thinking and planning effort from the Leader/Manager, we make it easy for them to engage in quick, focused coaching interactions with their team member. Coaching that drives the transfer of the new skills, knowledge or behaviours back into their day-to-day work.

Here is an example of how we connect Leaders & Managers with WHY they have a critical role to play.


Fast Rich Development Conversations

Developing, or growing capability in others is an important skill for any leader of people; but the development of that skill hasn’t always formed a part of Leader or Manager’s pathway to date.

Challenge: to “grow that skillset and the related behaviours, with a focus on simplicity” was the challenge presented to us by a client in 2014.

Outcome: 3-Chats, a simple and practical approach, embedded within tools that make it easy for people leaders to have fast, rich development conversations with a focus on value to the individual, team and organisation.

We see the biggest changes in people’s performance on-the-job when there is not only something in it for them, but also for the team and the wider organisation they’re a part of. This agreed and aligned value underpins 3-Chats.

We offer an integrated approach to implementing 3-Chats; a complete toolset for immediate use on-the-job, along with a ‘turn-key’ learning experience.

Watch this video to see how we position the need for a new approach with leaders.


ONE30 - 'Lite touch' Learning Transfer


We’re fans of simplicity; so when a client asked for a minimalist approach to engaging Leaders/Managers in making learning stick, we got creative.

ONE30 is the ‘lightest touch’ of our 1-Up Leader/Manager engagement methodologies; it minimises the amount of time needed from the Leaders/Managers while setting up a repeatable development focussed coaching interaction with their team member(s).

During a ONE30 deployment, Leaders/Managers are taught, equipped and coached to help the team member(s) identify and then focus on implementing a series of ONE30 Challenges to drive maximum value from the learning experience.

Our approach builds on the successes of our more comprehensive toolsets, removing the thinking and planning effort, allowing the Leader/Manager to get straight into it.

A ONE30 deployment includes a mix of animated communications, a printed programme map and one-on-one coaching to quickly get Leaders/Managers up to speed.

Growability - ONE30 Learning Transder

People Development Consulting

We created Growability to help organisations grow value by growing the capability of their people - getting the people development strategy right is where that journey starts.

With our market-leading design and development methodologies and broad people development experience, you’ll discover why we’re used as trusted partners, helping clients create the changes that have the greatest impact on organisations.

Having a trusted partner who brings a fresh external perspective, someone who can ask challenging questions, will help you shape a 21st century people development strategy.

We typically start by asking questions like:

  • What capabilities will underpin organisational success in the future?

  • What’s preventing those capabilities from being developed today?

  • How can the organisation grow what’s needed in a systematic way?

  • What’s the right mix of capability build vs. recruit?

Along with our work on strategy, we also work closely with clients on a wide range of short term people development engagements.


Learning Transfer for Your Learning Team


If you’re interesting in driving more value from internally developed learning; we can help your learning team to establish an ‘engineered-in’ approach to learning transfer for your organisation.

We’ve been researching, testing and delivering learning transfer solutions since 2013. Along the way, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Using what we’ve discovered, along with global best practice, we can accelerate your team towards embedding learning transfer strategies, tools and processes into your internal learning initiatives.

The way we work each learning team is driven by what’s going to work best for them. Typically we use a mix of coaching, short learning sessions and working in/alongside the team on a specific initiative or two.

You’ll find us to be passionate about learning transfer and growing value from learning, so let’s talk and see how we can help your team drive more value from learning.

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